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Rock O Plane Ferris Wheel

Adding Visual Interest and Excitement to Your Event

The Rock O Plane is a crowd pleaser! You can ride it just like a ferris wheel and it provides a very smooth level ride so you can sit back and enjoy the view if you desire! However for riders who want more of a thrill this ferris wheel does not disappoint! It has an interactive ring shaped handle positioned in front of the riders they can use to control the rotation of the seat! Pulling the ring locks a brake your riders will use to rock, rotate and even flip the seat in endless variations! No worries tho the Rock O plane has very innovative enclosed seats.It was featured in Popular Science magazine not only for its interactive and fun feature but for its innovative safety and seat design features! The magazine highlighted the design of the seatbelt and contoured metal lap bar that comes down across the passengers and automatically adjust to their size to create snug safe comfortable experience. This happens all in one motion as the door is closed and locked!

Ferris Wheel that rocks

Ride for All Ages

With these features the Rock O plane ferris wheel suits a wide variety of riders. Big and small, timid or daring! Contrary to what many may think smaller children can safely ride the Rock O Plane alone than can ride most ferris wheels! With its three layers of safety, a seat belt, a snug fitting metal lap bar and enclosed gondola seats children as small as 36 inches can ride and only 42 inches to ride alone!

Another effect of the Rock O Plane is people line the fence to watch others ride! Your guests will be entertained watching others ride! Often watching to see how their friends and family will or will not make use of the interactive ring! The manufacturer of the Rock O Plane touted it as the number one repeat ride of all time! Meaning people enjoy it so much they ride it again and again! A true measure of a great ride!

If your looking for crowd pleasing entertainment and fun for the widest variety of people the Rock O Plane is the way to go!

Specifications and Setup

Our Rock O Plane was manufactured as permanent ride at an amusement park but then made mobile and is available for your event! Ours has a large boarding platform, entry and exit ramps and a custom matching fence bringing an amusement park look to your event! This rocking ferris wheel has 8 enclosed seats and a capacity of 16 adults or 24 small children. It requires a space of 42 feet wide and 60 feet deep and access by a semi truck. Janesky Brothers Amusement can supply everything else you need for your ferris wheel rental including set up, operation, power supply, insurance and state inspection as required.