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30ft. Carousel-Merry Go Round

Adding Visual Interest and Excitement to Your Event

Like our 60 Ft Ferris Wheel our Merry Go Round has a very attractive and classic look that makes it perfect for any event. Our Merry Go Round is perfect for festivals, corporate events, town or city celebrations, parties or weddings.

At 30 feet in diameter and with 20 horses this is not a small ride! Carousel-Merry Go Round can accommodate children 36” and up as well as adults. It is fully illuminated inside and out with LED lighting and looks spectacular day and night! Like our 60 Ft Ferris Wheel which is famous for being featured in “Stranger Things” our Carousel was chosen from among 85 others to be in the Hollywood film “Rebel In The Rye”! Call or contact us today to have it at your event!

Merry Go Round