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Ferris Wheels Rental Process

Ferris Wheel and Amusement Rides

We want to make sure that your event is filled with fun and excitement which is why we make our rental process as easy and transparent as possible.

Ferris Wheel Rental Process
  • Ferris Wheel Rental Provider Regularly Provide Service
  • Ferris Wheel Rental service Occasionally Provide Service
  • Ferris Wheel Rental Request Service Available Upon Request
  • Ferris Wheel Rental Not Available Service is not Provided
    (We do not participate in these State’s Permitting Process)
  • Ferris Wheel Commercial Rentals Service Available for Larger Commercial Rentals (transportation costs will be included)

International Rentals
Our service area covers many other countries. Contact us for international rentals.

Information Gathering

When you are planning and preparing to rent a Ferris wheel the first thing you will likely want is a cost estimate. For that, we need some basic information. Where is your event? When is your event? Hours of operation you would like? You can provide us that information today by calling us or filling out our contact form. With this information we can usually give a proposal with price. It is likely that others are planning an event the same date as yours, so it is best to get this done as much in advance as possible.

Contract and Date Reservation

If you accept our proposal and would like to reserve a Ferris wheel for your date, we would then provide you a detailed contract. The contract would include all the details of the operation of the Ferris wheel as well as any optional things you would like such as Branding, customization or additional effects. To reserve the date, we will ask for the contract to be signed and deposit to be paid. Upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit, you will be added to our schedule. We will then schedule any State inspections that is required and provide you with an insurance certificate with you as an “additional insured” as you request.

Setup and Operational Tests

Our Ferris Wheel will arrive by semi truck and will require path to drive to the set-up area. It is best to make the space available to us at least 24 hours prior to the event. We can provide you with the dimensions of that area based on the ride you choose. We will also need a place no further than 150 feet away to set up the power generator for the ride. Once set up is complete, we will run operational tests to ensure safety and compliance.

Inspections and Permits

In most cases, amusement rides are regulated by the State and require a state inspection. Some states require a yearly inspection which we may have already done for your state and some require an inspection at each set-up. They may also require us to provide proof of insurance and engineering reports and other documentation. We will work to schedule any needed state inspection once your date is reserved. We pay for the state inspections. There is no additional cost to you. Local permits below the state level are not commonly required and any zoning, electrical or other local permits are the responsibility of the renter.

Some Examples of State Requirements We Handle

  • South Carolina
    South Carolina requires amusement rides to be inspected by a third party inspector every year and the inspection expires January 31st. Our rides will be inspected for South Carolina in most cases prior to your event.

  • Texas
    The State requires proof of insurance and our insurance company to have the ride inspected by an inspector on their list of approved inspectors. They then issue a permit and a sticker for the year.

  • Georgia
    Rides are required to have an annual inspection by the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. They also require an engineering report be submitted for the ride.

  • Michigan
    An annual inspection by a third party inspector is required by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

  • Pennsylvania
    The Department of Agriculture has an Amusement Ride Safety Division. Rides are required to be approved to operate and registered by the owner. Owners are required to submit inspection affidavits and itineraries detailing scheduled event.

  • Florida
    Rides are required by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to have an annual permit and inspection and to be inspected each time they are set-up at a new location.

  • Virginia
    Virginia does not have a State amusement ride inspection program. It is left up to the counties. In Virginia, check with your county and town for any required inspections or permits.

  • New York
    The New York Department of Labor inspects all rides on or before the date of an event anywhere outside of New York City.
    New York City has its own requirements.

Operation and Rider Safety

We provide the necessary staff to set up and operate the ride and to handle riders within the ride area. We are trained in rider safety and conduct. Whether caused by alcohol or rowdiness our policy requires us to shut down the ride if the operator notices any behavior that may jeopardize the safety of riders. We do not provide staff or security of large crowds or lines outside of the immediate ride area.

End of Event Tear Down

Once an event is over, we will dismantle and remove all of our equipment from the site in timely manner. Usually 6 to 8 hours. The time can vary depending on the hour and weather conditions at the end of the event.

We here at and Janesky Brothers Amusements are here to help make your event as fun and stress free as possible. Contact us today to schedule one of our Ferris Wheels for your next big event.