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60ft. Ferris Wheel Rent

60ft Classic Ferris Wheel

Are you planning a corporate event, festival, family friendly event or promotional event? Then consider incorporating an exciting feature attraction! An exciting and visible feature attraction can lead to people staying longer and having more fun which is crucial for creating a positive and more memorable experience for your attendees or potential customers. If you truly want a unique experience, rent a Ferris Wheel. A Ferris wheel is the most traditional style ride ever created. It is sure to attract attention, be a crowd pleaser and bring joy to your attendees.

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46 ft Ferris Wheel for Rent

46 Foot Classic Ferris Wheel

Not as spectacular as our 60 foot Ferris wheel still a large and very nice looking Ferris Wheel. It also won’t have as many lights or full rim lighting at the perimeter like our 60 foot wheel it will still make a big impression at a lower price. It can also be set up and removed faster when that is a concern. It has 12 seats and seats up to 24 full size adults.

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Rock O Plane Ferris Wheel for Rent

Rock O Plane Ferris Wheel

The Rock O Plane is a crowd pleaser! You can ride it just like a ferris wheel and it provides a very smooth level ride so you can sit back and enjoy the view if you desire! However for riders who want more of a thrill this ferris wheel does not disappoint! It has an interactive ring shaped handle positioned in front of the riders they can use to control the rotation of the seat! Pulling the ring locks a brake your riders will use to rock, rotate and even flip the seat in endless variations!

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