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Bringing the Ferris Wheel Fun to You!

With custom branding, banners, and additional event lighting search or laser lightshow

Ferris Wheel Rides
Ferris Wheel Rides
Ferris Wheel Rides
Ferris Wheel Rides

Make a Big Impression with A Large Ferris Wheel!

At Ferris Wheel Rent, providing safe, quality amusement ride rental with professional installation is our business.

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Ferris Wheel Rent

60ft Classic Ferris Wheel

Are you planning a corporate event, festival, family friendly event or promotional event? Then consider incorporating an exciting feature attraction! An exciting and visible feature attraction can lead to people staying longer and having more fun which is crucial for creating a positive and more memorable experience for your attendees or potential customers. If you truly want a unique experience, rent a Ferris Wheel. A Ferris wheel is the most traditional style ride ever created. It is sure to attract attention, be a crowd pleaser and bring joy to your attendees.

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Carousel-Merry Go Round

Like our 60 Ft Ferris Wheel our Merry Go Round has a very attractive and classic look that makes it perfect for any event. Our Merry Go Round is perfect for festivals, corporate events, town or city celebrations, parties or weddings.

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Carousel-Merry Go

Rock O Plane Ferris Wheel Rent

Rock O Plane Ferris Wheel

The Rock O Plane is a crowd pleaser! You can ride it just like a ferris wheel and it provides a very smooth level ride so you can sit back and enjoy the view if you desire! However for riders who want more of a thrill this ferris wheel does not disappoint! It has an interactive ring shaped handle positioned in front of the riders they can use to control the rotation of the seat! Pulling the ring locks a brake your riders will use to rock, rotate and even flip the seat in endless variations!

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Ferris Wheel Rent

Bringing the Ferris Wheel Fun to You!

Nothing brings excitement to the faces of children and brings happy childhood memories to the minds of adults like a Ferris Wheel. The thrill of seeing over a wide area from on high, the romance of taking a slow turn with your favorite person on a warm night or the delighted laughter of children on their first Ferris wheel makes Ferris Wheel rental a must-do for any festival, fundraiser or celebration.

High-Profile Attraction

For instant attention, a Ferris Wheel is a sure bet. With our 60 foot LED Ferris Wheel, you'll attract people from miles around. Even on our smaller Ferris Wheel, additional lighting effects will steal the show. Optional branding can bring instant attention to your event. With Rent a Ferris Wheel, the steel-enclosed cars are suitable for most ages and the rider controlled carts add even more fun.

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Below are a few questions that we have received about renting our ferris wheels and our rental process.

There are many variables such as size of the ride selected, date or dates, hours of operation and location. Contact us for a quote today.

In most cases amusement rides are regulated by the state you are in. In some states rides are required to be inspected annually and in some states they must be inspected at each set up. We take care of any state inspections for our rides at your event.
It is less common for a local municipality to have requirements and in the rare case they do it is the responsibility of the renter.

We carry insurance for all our rides. We can have an insurance certificate with an additional insured named at your request.

Most of the time it will take between 4 to 6 hours to position and erect the ride. However if the space is available it is best to allow 24 hours or more before the start of the event in case of a weather delay and in some cases to allow for any required inspections or set up of additional elements such as branding banners or additional lighting etc.

The space needed for a Ferris wheel is usually equal in length to the height of the ride. It will also need to be accessible with a semi truck. The surface could be pavement concrete or firm grass and needs to be some level. We can supply and exact footprint for the Ferris Wheel selected for your event..

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